Director portrait

Sania Shah


As the current Student Council President at St. Jude’s Academy, as well as Co-President of her school’s DECA chapter, Sania demonstrates unwavering dedication to her peers as a grade 12 student. Aside from her incredible in-school commitments, she also works part-time at McDonalds, where she has been employed for over a year. In addition to her leadership roles, Sania has a deep affinity for her two feline companions, Spooky and Whisper. She also enjoys reading and watching shows in her free time, her all time favourites being “Girlmore Girls'' and “Breaking Bad”. Also, though Sania has numerous commitments, she makes a point to indulge in her post-school nap, as she greatly values her sleep. In the future, Sania hopes to pursue actuarial science or investment banking through the path of finance. Sania’s multifaceted interests and her dedication to leadership, education, and literature paint a vibrant portrait of a well-rounded individual with a promising future ahead. Looking forward to the year with her as our Vice Chair!

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