Director portrait

Akash Nagabhirava

Director of Membership Affairs

A grade 12 student from The Woodlands Secondary School, Akash is the Co-President of the Woodlands Volleyball Club, Co-Captain of the Ultimate Frisbee team, Quartermaster of the Woodlands Theatre Company, and Intramurals Head of the Athletic Association. He's also a coaching assistant at the Mississauga Ultimate Club. Akash is always working to improve himself athletically and is especially passionate about team sports. A true jack of all trades, his hobbies include origami, attempting to reach random tree branches in public, and doodling in pitch-black rooms. Akash's heart belongs to Indian cuisine; he firmly believes that there are zero people or things in the Milky Way better than his mom’s cooking. With dreams set on a future in computer science, Akash brings a wealth of skills and height to our team.

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